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The E-Waste project aims to increase awareness about the problem of electronic waste at schools and connect it to the makerspace approach in education. EWaste Learning Path was funded by the Erasmus program (2021-1-PT01-KA210-SCH-000027311)

As the main project output, this e-learning platform allows you to introduce EWaste in your classroom and school curriculum


Courses Free

A creative use of eletronic Waste in the classroom
  • 4 Lessons
Toy hacking is like a robotics class… but better!
  • 7 Lessons
What is Circular Economy? And how can we implement circular practices in School curriculum?
  • 11 Lessons

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Why did we did this?

The EWaste Learning Paths project was established to address an educational gap by introducing practical activities related to e-waste into the classroom. 

Buinho Fablab and TransfoLab BCN collaborated with Maltepe High School to pioneer a comprehensive electronic waste curriculum for schools. 

Our goal was to encompass everything from upcycling to creative repurposing, providing a solid foundation in both theory and practical skills. We aimed to offer fresh viewpoints and activities for teachers, educators, and parents to engage with students aged 7 to 12 years.

Our activities

This Erasmus project, was developed within the Key Action 2 for small scale partnerships, and included the following main activities:

a) Teacher training sessions in Alentejo, Barcelona, and Istanbul;

b) Creation of an e-learning course in Ewaste;

c) Development of other complementary outputs such as guidelines and articles directed to school

Online Learning now at your Fingertips

We chose to make easy to follow video tutorials to allow you to learn at a pace that suits you best.

This gives you the flexibility to revisit any part of the tutorial if something wasn't immediately clear.

It also makes it easy to refresh your memory on specific content when you're ready to undertake an activity at a later stage.

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